The Ice Wolf 明日から公演スタート

We will start performing from tomorrow through May 10th, every morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our audience is made up of school children in the neighborhood. The children will come by school bus. Our public performances are on April 30th and May 1st. I can't believe we will start performing tomorrow! What a relaxing night it is! We didn't have to gather tonight. Is it the night before the performance?? I feel we should have practiced more to improve. It is depressing for me to see people being so easygoing. I hate that kind of atmosphere. But I didn't do anything to make it better. It is so sad. Anyway, I hope we will do well and the children will enjoy our show. These pictures are from A Christmas Carol last year. ☆

The children asked some cast members for their autographs. 
auto repairをしたりしながらドラマに携わっている。彼が「演劇って言うものはとても小さい世界で”現実について”ではあるが”現実”ではない。だから他の自分の世界をもつことは自分にとってすごく大切なことなんだ」って言ってたなぁ。

at a greenroom 1

at a greenroom 2

He shaved his hair for this play. He is working as a stage crew for the Ice Wolf. 彼、最初は私に"hi"さえもいってくれなくて、概して他の人もフレンドリーじゃないので

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